Project Details

The Kensington, MD deck renovation project involved the complete transformation of an existing outdoor deck into a contemporary and versatile space that seamlessly integrates with the surrounding environment.

Our Solutions

We rejuvenated the deck, providing the homeowners with an inviting and stylish outdoor area that complements their lifestyle and elevates the enjoyment of their outdoor living space.

Material Selection

We Chose high-quality and weather-resistant materials for the renovation, including decking boards, railings, and supporting structures. Consider eco-friendly options where applicable.

Project Timeline

Develop a realistic project timeline that includes design phases, material procurement, construction, and potential contingencies.

Deck Renovation Kensington MD

Through planning and skilled execution, the project aimed to create an inviting outdoor living area that enhances the homeowner’s lifestyle while increasing the property’s overall appeal and value.

  • Project Name Deck Renovation
  • Duration 3-5 Weeks
  • Location Kensington, MD