Project Details

The Bethesda, MD deck renovation project aimed to transform an existing outdoor deck into a functional and aesthetically appealing space that enhances the homeowner’s outdoor living experience. The project involved a comprehensive redesign and upgrade of the deck area, focusing on improving both its structural integrity and visual appeal.

Our Solutions

The renovated deck will provide the homeowner with an inviting and functional outdoor space that caters to various activities, from entertaining guests to quiet relaxation. The improved aesthetics and modern design will enhance the overall curb appeal of the property and potentially increase its market value.

Design Concept

We collaborate with our in-house designer to develop a new concept that aligns with the homeowner’s preferences and the surrounding environment. This concept will incorporate elements such as seating areas.

Seating and Outdoor Furniture

Integrate built-in seating solutions such as benches to maximize comfort and seating capacity.

Deck Renovation Bethesda MD (2)

By blending practicality, safety, and creativity, we created a harmonious outdoor living area that reflects the homeowner’s lifestyle and appreciation for the outdoors.

  • Project Name Deck Renovation
  • Duration 3-5 Weeks
  • Location Bethesda, MD